Showing UP With Lee-Ann Elliott

Showing UP With Lee-Ann Elliott

Showing UP for yourself and connecting to something greater than yourself with Lee Ann-Elliott

We all know that showing up for ourselves can sometimes be difficult. We live in a world that often prioritizes productivity while our own needs always seem to come last. In this segment, Lee Ann Elliot shares her story of how she uses swimming to show up and best connect with herself.

Lee-Ann Elliot

For Lee-Ann, she grew up surrounded by water. As a child, she would spend hours playing in the waves and swimming in the ocean. The water was always a part of her life. In fact, it was one of the things that connected her to something greater than herself. 

“I grew up on a boat, I’ve surfed since I was 18, I feel more at home in the water then anywhere on earth.

Swimming for me is like meditation, it’s a quiet moment in the middle of a busy day. A time to let go of that which distracts me, after all, there’s just me, the water and my breath. A time to be witness of my mind and the untamed trains of thought that stream across my consciousness.

Swimming is discipline, to get in the water regardless of what I’m thinking or feeling or even if the external world. It’s showing up for myself and connecting to something so much bigger than me.

For me, swimming is freedom”.

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