We’re on a mission to get the world moving. We believe that through movement, we can best show up for ourselves, push boundaries and live a happy + healthy life. 

Moving isn't specific to exercise- movement is meditation, its intentional rest, it's pouring yourself a cup of coffee, its journaling, its showing up for YOU. 

We believe in showing up for yourself. 


The brand was born out of a passion for movement. Through the unwavering understanding of the power of a good soulful hike, a long strenuous run, zoning into the music during a dance class, tears of pride shed after accomplishing something you thought impossible- movement has the power to inspire, transform, soothe, and transcend. UP was created to assist and be apart of these moments because what better way to smash your goals than while looking freaking bomb? 

With that, do you have any upcoming races, events or goals? We would LOVE to be a part of it by either being there to cheer you on (if its in Cape Town, we love making signs) or simply by sending some words of much needed encouragement. Please reach out to us!