UP-Cycle FAQ

What is UP-Cycle?

UP-Cycle is a program that aims to help our customers partner with UP to take mutual responsibility to extend the life their our sportswear and make a positive impact on the environment and socially.

How does trade in work?

We accept used activewear and sportswear that functions perfectly and is in good condition. When you bring us your quality, used gear we’ll give you free shipping and up to 20% off your next order with UP.

How many items do I have to trade in?

The minimum amount of items for trade-in are three pieces. There is not a maximum of items that you can trade-in. Your discount price on your next order depends on the condition of the items you trade in.

Can I trade in any type of activewear?

Almost, but not everything. No swimwear, underwear, bras, used socks, accessories (beanies, scarves, etc.) will be accepted.

Can I trade In any brands activewear?

Absolutely, the more the merrier.

Where can I trade in my used gear?

Trade-ins can be mailed directly to us using our trade in page or at our location in Sea Point (Cape Town). 

What condition do the items need to be in before I trade them in?

We want your used gear—not your dirty laundry. Please inspect your garments for damage (checklist below), remove anything in pockets, and clean your pieces before trading them in. This makes it easier for us to process your trade-in and get your gear back in play as quickly as possible!

We are unable to accept items in the following conditions:

Damaged: Items with heavy or excessive visible issues are ineligible. Examples include but are not limited to: 

•  Holes, broken zippers, delamination, material “bubbling,” heavy debris, heavy scuffs, heavy scratches, heavy fading, or if the item is singed (lightly burned)

•  A down item with significant down loss or insulation that’s too compressed

•  Tenacious tape that’s peeling or placed over garment seams. Please note we’re unable to accept items that have more than 2 patches. 

•  If an item shows heavy discoloration, or the color of the garment is severely sun faded it may not be eligible.

Excessive pet hair: We love furry companions but please remove their hair/fur prior to trading in your garments. 

Am I guaranteed a trade in?

Unfortunately not. Hopefully you’ve followed all the guidelines and we can give you your discounts, but we do not accept everything. Gear has to be functional and within the scope of the UP-Cycle trade in program. To minimize the amount of shipping back and forth, we will not return any gear that does not receive a discount.